Lael Forest Walks

Amazing ancient woodlands to explore…

Managed by the Forestry Commission these walks are of good standard and graded as easy.  The forest was donated from his estate by Sir John Fowler (chief engineer of the Forth Bridge).  The forest has some very old and interesting species such as the Giant Redwood (Sequoia) or affectionately known as the “Punching Tree”.  There are a number of walks in the forest, the lower section has an area with many species from around the world and a nice waterfall.  The upper section is a more commercial forest but the trails are very nice and open up into areas with panoramic views of the glen and surrounding hills.  The forest is sandwiched between a series of impressive gorges and some of the bridges give great views of gorge and cascading waterfalls.  A particular favourite and varied walk of mine is detailed on this map.

The forest is full of wildlife such as red squirrels, deer, many birds and you may be lucky enough to see some Golden Eagles or Pine Martens.

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Corrieshalloch Gorge

Walk across the suspension bridge as the River Droma rushes through a mile-long box canyon below.

Corrieshalloch gorge and Falls of Measach are a must see when you are visiting.  This is a most impressive natural wonder created by varies ice ages.  The main features are:

  • Cross the Victorian suspension bridge over the tree-lined gorge.
  • Marvel at the River Droma plummeting through a series of waterfalls.
  • Follow the trails through the woodland for views of the surrounding area.
  • Look out for woodland birds, ravens and even golden eagles, which can sometimes be seen soaring above the gorge.

Also nearby are the fabulous walks at the Ardessie falls and Rogie falls.


For all you animal lovers…

We have an abundance of wildlife throughout the seasons here in the North West Highlands. Many birds, red squirrels and on rare occasions the pine marten visit our property. Further afield you will commonly see red deer, wild goats, mountain hares, ptarmigan, otters and on boats trips from Ullapool (usually run Mar-Oct) to see dolphins, seals and a plethora of sea birds  If you are lucky, you may even spot a whale or basking shark which often visit our shores in the summer months.

A great place for all to visit is the Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve (see